Do you want to live awake and awakening? 

Do you want to be a person who bears witness to our times? 



Do you want to write in a way that illuminates and engages with the world we live in:

its beauty and its cruelty and its immense possibility? 




Join us in Waking Up, Writing Down! In this five-week online course, we will explore mindfulness and writing practices and generate writing from and through issues of social justice.

We live in uncertain times—ones that call on all of us who desire a compassionate, just world to engage. At the same time, we must find ways to sustain ourselves while navigating a near-constant state of urgency and the emotions this can invoke: fear, rage, and deep grief.

Now, more than ever, as we witness seemingly endless suffering and strife, it is vital for us to show up and be present with ourselves and with others. This process begins with deep listening to ourselves, with writing our own thoughts, feelings, and stories. The process continues as we look outwards, bearing witness to the world we are living in and using our writing to work towards social change. 


When: April 10 to May 14
Where: Online at
What: Five weeks of showing up for ourselves, practicing mindfulness, exploring and writing into our desire for and work toward justice
Who: Compassionate thinkers, artists, and activists who want to pay more thoughtful attention, to cultivate curiosity, to use writing for self-reflection and social change
How: Lessons, prompts, activities, written and audio practices posted on our interactive course site. Sharing your work, process, & progress in a supportive community.
Why: Every moment we have the chance to show up and be present. Every moment offers the opportunity to witness and create. Together, we will employ our imaginations, cultivate curiosity, and develop tools to sustain ourselves during this time.
Cost:   $175 before March 30/ $195 After  

*some partial scholarship opportunities available: contact for more information

I am a writer and I’ve been a writing teacher for the past decade. I know the power of story. I know the power of language to create, shift, and alter our lives. Time and time again, I have seen students transform their whole way of seeing themselves and the world around them the moment they gave themselves permission to tell their story. That’s all it took. Allowing their stories to shine through. I also know the power of stories to shift and changes hearts and communities: once we understand someone else’s life, it is impossible to not feel connected to them. Language and story–like art, like music, like theater–is a way we can work towards a world that values every being.

My journey as a mindfulness practitioner the last five years has worked its way into my writing practices. The simple act of paying attention—at my writing desk, in the classroom, on a walk, at the grocery store, in conversation with a friend, on social media, on my cushion—has dramatically changed my life and the quality of my writing. These practices also allow me to show up, as a deeply sensitive person, and write to a world constantly in flux. And I want to share the richness of that integration with you!



  • How to awaken to your life
  • How to recognize material for writing already unfolding in your daily experience.
  • How to turn down your inner critic and tune into your inner wisdom
  • How to think about, write to, engage with issues that matter to you


  • How to engage with mindfulness and writing practices
  • How to honor your own voice


Join us for the Waking Up! Writing Down! 

Starting April 10, 2017

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