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Letting Ourselves Go, Even Now That We’re in Public Again,” Shondaland

Amy Coney Barrett went to my all-girls high school. I hope she’s not confirmed,” The Guardian

Wells In Need of Filling,” How We Are Project 

Writing into Scary Times #4: Letter to Future Me,” The University of Arizona Poetry Center Blog

Writing into Scary Times #3: What Do You Want to Grow in Your Garden?The University of Arizona Poetry Center Blog

Writing Into Scary Times #2: Kindness Paves a Way,” The University of Arizona Poetry Center Blog

Writing Into Scary Times: What Do Your Feelings Want to Say?” The University of Arizona Poetry Center Blog

Louis C.K. doesn’t deserve a place on stage,” The Arizona Daily Star

Never Had It Made: Poet Nikky Finney Visits CAPE School,The University of Arizona Poetry Center Blog

Writing Was the Only Thing That Made Me Feel Whole: Art for Justice Writer Randall Horton Visits Students in Juvenile Detention,” The University of Arizona Poetry Center Blog

Americans are wildly generous at the holidays. And then it stops,” The Washington Post

Writing Has the Power to Aerate This Space,” The University of Arizona Poetry Center Blog

Letter to America,”

“‘Queer Eye’ will talk about race, religion and gender — but not about class,” The Washington Post

Anthem: On Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On a Prayer,‘” March Shredness 

“Rough Night” Turns Fat Women Into Villains, Bitch 

“Walking in Memphis: On Earnestness or ‘Do I Really Feel the Way I Feel?'”  March Fadness

“As a Catholic Schoolgirl, George Michael Taught Me a Different Kind of Faith,” Bustle

“Sometimes I Feel Like A Walking Trigger–And That Won’t End With The Election,” Bustle

“Dear Men Who Wish to Be Allies to Women,” Medium (Republished in Everyday Feminism) 

“It Could Happen to Any One of Us: Teaching in a Culture of Violence,” Salon

“U Better Live Now: Perspectives on Prince,” Essay Daily

The Water Will Never Not Be Here,” Scalawag

Being (Em)bodied,” The Militant Baker

Diana,” The Feminist Wire

On Beyoncé, Benedict, and the Volition of Women,” The Feminist Wire

Acadia.” Defunct

Water, Water,”  The Fiddleback

“from” and “Je suis Acadienne,” Drunken Boat

Shrikes and the Nature of Aggression,” Diagram



Writing and Teaching Social Justice: An Interview with Lisa M. O’Neill,” October 2017

A Modern Feminist Southern Bombshell: An Interview with The Dictionary Project’s Lisa O’Neill,” June 2012.



The Knots that Hold: Review of B. J. Hollar’s Thirteen Loops,Diagram: 11.4, September 2011.





Taking the Leap: Translating Writing Skills to Audio Production,” The Cutaway

Reinventing the Pour: A Love Letter to My Favorite Tucson Watering Holes,” Borderlore

Why Can’t I Do It? A Podcast Producer Overcomes Internalized Misogyny,” The Cutaway

Linking Learning to Life on the U.S./Mexico Border,” Borderlore

Responsible Herbalism: In the Mountains with Bioregional Herbalist Vadi Arzu Erdal,” Borderlore

“Inside the Crowdfunding Campaign to Reunite a Family Separated at the Border,” Talk Poverty 

From Cameroon to the Desert: Atelier Diama Designs by Tradition,” Borderlore 

Trump Hasn’t Actually Ended Family Separation. Here’s How One Border Town Is Fighting Back,” Talk Poverty 

SHE IS RUNNING: Congressional Hopeful Anita Malik’s Motto: “Listen First, Then Lead,” Dame Magazine

A Sustaining Education,” Edible Baja Arizona

Cupcake Recovery,” Edible Baja Arizona

“All Things Wild,” Edible Baja Arizona 

“Healing in Place,” Edible Baja Arizona

“Our Abundant Desert Forest,” Edible Baja Arizona

“As the Flood Waters Rose, Thousands of Animals Needed to Be Saved,” Good Housekeeping

“‘The Water Rose So Fast’: Victims of the 1000-year flood tell their stories,” Salon

“After the flood, Louisiana families seek a return to normalcy,” Salon

“Inside Out: In a detention center, youth learn how to plant, grow, and harvest food,” Edible Baja Arizona

“A national disgrace: Arizonans vent about the primary day disaster that created massive lines and turned many voters away,” Salon

Kitchen Community,” Edible Baja Arizona

Growing for the Future,” Edible Baja Arizona

Ingraining,” Edible Baja Arizona

Flower of the Goat,” Edible Baja Arizona

From Her Kitchen To Your Boca,” Edible Baja Arizona

Monkeying Around,” Edible Baja Arizona

Where the Frogs Sleep,” Edible Baja Arizona

A Proper Devil,” Edible Baja Arizona



Women’s Bodies, Women’s Consent,” Arizona Spotlight, Arizona Public Media (starts at 17:30)


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First place in Community Food and Beverage Reporting for 2015, Arizona Press Club for “Ingraining” from Edible Baja Arizona 

Finalist for an 2015 Eddy Award for Gardening Story for “Growing for the Future” from Edible Baja Arizona