Editing & Creative Ushering


Editing: I work with nonprofits, community organizations, and writers doing writing, copyediting, and developmental editing for short, medium, and long projects.

Creative Ushering: I help writers through the process of bringing their work into being. I call this creative ushering because I feel my role is less to offer critique or to shape your writing for you than to hold space, offer support, and give feedback so the ideas and stories you have can be ushered through, onto the page, and into the world.

I offer:

Writing Coaching: As your writing coach, I work with you to develop an individualized plan based on your writing goals, whether that be a particular writing project or a set of skills you want to gain. Through coaching sessions (in person, on Skype, or the phone) and individualized prompts and activities, you will set and prioritize writing goals, work to sustain writing practices, follow through with deadlines, and generate creative work that fulfills you.

Editing: I work with writers and tailor my services to their project needs, including copyediting and developmental editing for short, medium, and long projects.

Manuscript Revision: I offer editing, feedback, and conversation for drafts of nonfiction book-length manuscripts. Memoir, essay collections, creative nonfiction, how-to or self-help, and hybrids of these.

Please contact me if you are curious about working together. Let me know a little about you and your writing goals or the parameters of a current project. I’ll get back to you soon!




“Lisa is a pleasure to work with. Lisa exudes a passion for language and a deep respect and admiration for the human stories that shape our lives. As a writer, Lisa is highly curious and she brings this curiosity into her work as an editor and coach. She is intuitive, honest, empathic and communicative.”

— Debbie Weingarten, freelance writer, former farmer, and food activist

“Lisa always offers me honest feedback and poses great questions that guide me deeper into the writing process. As an editor, Lisa helps trim excess, add details that make everything more relevant, and create a flow to ideas I am wanting to convey.”

— Michelle Marks, Yoga Teacher and certified Holistic Mental Health Practitioner

“I am a new writer who chased a traditional book deal for eighteen months. Once I landed it, I felt overwhelmed and lost in how I could actually write the book within the four month deadline. I immediately felt a sense of calm when I started working with Lisa and felt her years of experience as a professional writer and teacher shine through in each of our sessions. Together we created a schedule, outlines, and deadlines that broke down the task that seemed so enormous into palatable, achievable pieces. Lisa not only acted as my editor but also as a coach. She explained her edits so I could become more empowered, skilled writer. Due to her mentorship, professionalism and expertise, I wrote my first book and met the deadline and my dream of becoming a published author is now a reality. The investment in Lisa’s services was truly priceless.”

— Louise Green, Plus-Size Athlete & Trainer, Author of Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have