About Lisa:

Lisa M. O’Neill is an essayist and journalist who writes about social justice, politics, and popular culture with an intersectional lens. A native New Orleanian, she received her MFA in nonfiction writing from the University of Arizona, where she taught writing in the English Department for a decade. She has taught in-person and online community nonfiction writing workshops and led classes as a teaching artist in juvenile detention. She also works with writers as an editor and creativity usher, helping them discover their stories and and usher them onto the page. Lisa is the host and producer of The MATRIARCHITECTS, a podcast and platform which highlights change-makers who are building a culture that respects, values, and celebrates women. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Bitch Media, Bustle, Diagram, defunct, drunken boat, Edible Baja Arizona, Everyday Feminism, The Feminist Wire, GOOD, Good Housekeeping, Medium, Salon, Shondaland, Talk Poverty, Terrain. org, and The Washington Post.