Sales Pitch Waking Up Writing Down

With Lisa O’Neill

What if you chose NOW as the time to be awake to your life?

What if you could use your daily life to tell stories that matter?


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Sounds awesome! How do I do that?


Join me and fellow lovers of language in a five-week journey of mindful writing! Through daily mindfulness and writing practices, we will engage in the life we have now: cultivating mindful presence, attending to beauty, honoring struggle, and writing all of that down.


Lisa M O'neil

I am a writer and I’ve been a writing teacher for the past eight years. I know the power of story. I know the power of language to create, shift, and alter our lives. Time and time again, I have seen students transform their whole way of seeing themselves and the world around them the moment they gave themselves permission to tell their story. That’s all it took. Allowing their stories to shine through.

My journey as a mindfulness practitioner the last five years has worked its way into my writing practices. The simple act of paying attention—at my writing desk, in the classroom, on a walk, at the grocery store, in conversation with a friend, on social media, on my cushion—has dramatically changed my life and the quality of my writing. And I want to share the richness of that integration with you!











Discover  Photo by Lisa M. O'Neill

  • How to awaken to your life
  • How to settle into stillness
  • How to recognize the rich material for writing that already exists your daily experience.
  • How to turn down your inner critic and tune into your  inner wisdom
  • How to make time and space for practices that matter to you


  • Practices for engaging with yourself and your path
  • Writing prompts and practices
  • How to honor your own voice




  • Raw material of our daily lives and memories
  • Journesy and voices of diverse teachers, mentors, and guides
  • Your preconceived notions about time and space and ability
  • How to live your days–and thus your life– with wakeful attention


Come away with

  • New ways to engage with yourself, your writing, and the world outside you.
  • New ideas and writing material
  • Practices to keep your mindful writing going
  • Permanent access to online course materials


Photo by Lisa M. O'Neill

Join me for the Waking Up! Writing Down! e-course

The fun begins on January 11, 2016

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When: January 11- February 16, 2016
Where: Online, self-paced
Who: Anyone who wants to feel more alive and enlivened.
What: Five weeks of learning to show up for ourselves and our creativity. Waking up! Writing down!
How: Lessons, activities, written and audio mindfulness and writing practices posted five days a week on our interactive course site. Sharing your work, process, & progress in community.
Why: Every moment we have the chance to show up and be present. Every moment offers the opportunity to witness and create.




*This is the set course price. In an effort to make workshops accessible to people of all income levels, sliding scale payments are available. If the course cost is not reachable for you at this time but you are interested in taking the course, please email me at